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This blog - stockholm by waves - is closed. It was an experiment from the outset and the blog only managed to capture the interest of a few listeners. As Blogger didn't support sound, I chose to combine it with an underlying dedicated service for hosting the sounds. This service, Odeo, turned out to be unreliable and we're now left with a sound blog where the embedded sounds cannot be replayed!

I still believe that brief clips of the local sound scape is a great way to share the experience of a particular city. One day the time may come to revisit this format. Until then, thanks for your interest in stockholm by waves. What's left of the blog will remain online for a while and your feedback would be appreciated.



stockholm bygger

Next to a scale model of Stockholm, let's listen in as citizens ponder a changing city.


frosty walk

Walking in cold snow - the characteristic sound of winter.


two laser swords !

A toy store is a magic wonderland. Share the excitement (and a bit of parental skepticism) as the hunt goes on for the ultimate toy. Did I hear "two laser swords"?


bravo basket cup

Action and enthusiasm in Vasalundshallen, Solna at this year's Bravo Basket Cup. Enjoy!


live from T-Centralen

Ever wondered what a guided tour at the Subway Central (T-Centralen) would sound like? Well, neither had I. But here they are, all the familiar subway sounds from the perspective of a moving elevator. Do step inside for a minute!


the sound of SL Center

Wherever you're going by public transportation in Stockholm, whenever you travel, whatever question you have - SL Center is there for you. At seven locations throughout the city, friendly expertise stands ready to assist you during most of the day.

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